Amber Hamilton – Project Manager

Amber-Hamilton-Seattle-Commercial-Roofing-Project-ManagerAs a project manager, Amber brings a lifetime of roofing experience to Axiom Division 7, growing up in a family of commercial roofers. Both Amber’s grandfather and her father spent their entire careers in the roofing industry, and to this day Amber’s father is still an active member in the roofing business. Having a lifetime of roofing in her blood, Amber is a precision fit in Axiom Division 7.

Quite often considered a favorite among Axiom’s foreman, Amber excels at organization and communication and she is quite often tasked with the most complex projects awarded to Axiom Division 7. Amber has been on the team for over 4 years and has been instrumental in the expansion of Axiom Division 7, helping start the new Everett, Wa. office location in 2015.

Amber’s long list of duties for Axiom D7 include project management, estimating, materials procurement, scheduling, crew shaping and day to day operations. Amber is a mother of 2 boys at home and about 60 at Axiom, typically helping not only the boys in the office but all of the boys in the field. She is a vital component to the success of Axiom!