Mark Maas – Superintendent

mark-maas-owner-axiomd7-commercial-roofing-v2One of the co-founders of Axiom Division 7 beginning in 2007, Mark brings his can-do personality and 40 years of experience to the table every single day. Starting his roofing career at the early age of 16 at Scholten Roofing, Mark spent nearly 30 years running all of Scholten’s most prestigious projects before leaving to start Axiom Division 7 with Tim Koetje.

Mark is responsible for teaching both Jeremy and Tim the tricks of the roofing trade in the early days of their careers. He has long been the rock at Axiom D7, maintaining a level head and always steering the ship in the right direction regardless of the circumstances.

With over 40 years of experience in the business, Mark’s highest and best role includes crew development, training, safety and materials logistics and management. If you are looking for Mark, you will find him on the front end of all the most challenging roofing projects that Axiom D7 executes, as he helps to get jobs started up and running properly before heading down the road to the next one!