Tim Koetje – Vice President Axiom Division 7, President Axiom Construction and Phoenix Metalworks

Tim-Koetje-Vice-President-Axiom-Division-7Entrepreneur, sheet metal master and roofing champion, this triple threat guy knows how to get it done.  With over 23 years in commercial roofing and sheet metal fabrication and installation, there is nothing Tim has not seen, tried or conquered.

Beginning his career in the industry installing low slope roofing throughout the Pacific Northwest, Tim transitioned into the sheet metal trade after a few years and realized that he had a talent for complex metal work and in 2004 Axiom Construction and Consulting was born.  Axiom construction made a quick ascent to the top of the field in architectural metal roofing, siding and flashing.

Observing industry trends, Tim realized that adding low slope roofing and waterproofing to a growing list of services offered by Axiom Construction would benefit the expansion of the company. In late 2007 Tim, Mark and Jeremy formed Axiom Division 7 and never looked back.  Today, under Tim’s direction, the Axiom group of families employs over 175 people and is continuing to grow.