Amazon Fulfillment Center Arlington


Amazon needed a new distribution center built in Everett.

They hired Clark Construction to undertake the building of 2.82 million square feet of warehouse and office space. Clark turned to Everett roofers Axiom Division 7 to install the 632,000-square-foot roofing system.

  • YEAR 2022
  • SQUARE FEET 632,000 sq ft
  • LOCATION Everett, WA


By far, one of the greatest hurdles of this project was the sheer size of this building—2.82 million square feet of warehouse space all covered by a 632,000-square-foot roof, that is over 14 acres of roof. The building is listed in the top 10 industrial buildings completed in 2022.

Due to the massive size of the roof, Axiom began experiencing material procurement issues.  This was due in large part to the shortage of raw materials and labor needed to manufacture as much material as necessary to meet demand in the summer of 2021. Axiom Division 7 deployed every resource possible to procure over 130 semi truck loads of insulation and 6 truck loads of TPO material to the site in time to meet Clark Constructions aggressive schedule.  Axiom had to use three different manufacturers to create the roofing materials needed and four different manufacturers to supply the necessary fasteners.


Complicating matters further, it was the wettest fall on record and one of the coldest winters in several years. The challenge with wet weather and commercial roofing is that you cannot install TPO membrane and insulation while it is raining.  This means that the Axiom Division 7 Everett roofing team had to wait for dry days before they could install the roof.  

The final challenge came from Mother Nature herself—a nearby mountain pass got snowed in, the road was closed and Axiom Division 7 could not get their Spokane roofing crews to the job site by car. They solved that issue by flying them to the project in a private airplane. This job was shaping up to be one of the biggest and toughest in recent history.


Axiom deployed as many employees as possible on this project, including oversight from both general foremen. They figured out how to get the roof in this record breaking weather despite the rain and wind.  The roof system installed was a Carlisle SynTec EPDM roof on all of the low flat roofs and Carlisle SynTec TPO system on the upper flat roofs. To provide the maximum amount of safety on the building after construction, the owner requested that Axiom also install a Modular Guardrail system from Rooftop Anchor, Inc.


General Contractor: Clark Construction
System Type: Carlisle SynTec


Thanks to the hard work of the entire Axiom Everett roofing team, the Amazon Distribution Center was successfully completed, and now hundreds of thousands of Puget Sound residents can get their Amazon packages in record time!


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