AIM Program

Maintain your roof - maximize your asset

Our signature preventative maintenance program

Assess – Identify – Maintain. These three critical elements bring peace of mind and prolong the life of your roofing system. 

Predictable Costs

Simplify your annual roof budget - Let us handle the rest. 


Did you know that maintenance is required to keep your Manufacturer's Warranty intact? Our AIM program complies with all major manufacturer's requirements, maximizing the life of your warranty.

eliminate emergencies

The majority of leaks we encounter are caused by lack of maintenance. Eliminate the hassle and expense of reactive repairs.

How It Works

1. Assess

Trained Professionals inspect each potential AIM roof thoroughly for deficiencies and give it a grade based on the existing roof condition. This vital step ensures we are treating each roof individually by custom-tailoring a plan that will effectively prolong the serviceable life of your asset.

2. Identify

We will identify the deficiencies and costs related to bringing the roof into a maintainable condition. This can range from very minor debris removal to widespread Corrective Repairs. The identification of needed repairs and associated costs are unique to each roof. 

3. Maintain

Axiom D7 AIM visits are conducted in the spring and/or fall of each year. This is auto-scheduled utilizing our customized software. Our customers receive email dispatch notifications, and a fully detailed invoice -including photos-within 24 hours of completion.

Our Guarantee

If your roof leaks from an item we are responsible for maintaining, we will repair the leak for free.

Key features of the AIM program:
  • No binding contract and can be terminated by either party at any time

  • Classified as maintenance and is tax-deductible

  • Sets budgets for the year

  • 24/7 Priority leak service 

  • Meets manufacturers warranty requirements
  • Reduces expenses related to emergency leaks
  • Monitors tenant activities on the roofing system
  • Extends the serviceable life of roofing systems
  • Commercial Grade Materials, Trained Professionals
  • Reduces the likelihood of water intrusion events from debris blockage

Services Included:

Contact us for a complete checklist of the items we take care of under the AIM program for asphalt-based and single-ply roofing systems.


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