Arista Residence

commercial | multi family

When Greystar, a general contractor, purchased land in North Seattle to build luxury apartment complex Arista Residence, they turned to Axiom D7 to build the roof.
  • YEAR 2022
  • SQUARE FEET 42,900
  • LOCATION Seattle, wa


From the beginning, the Seattle commercial roofing project posed unique challenges. The original plans called for a green roof featuring a park and garden — which meant lots of overburden, concrete pavers, dog runs and green roof systems would be placed on top of a single-ply roof.

The Arista also presented an unusually high number of flashing details, due to the quantity of AC units coming through the roofs. A typical project on this scale might have around 100 penetrations—this one featured over 500, and the design called for Axiom roofers to work underneath AC units in cramped conditions.

The final challenge came from the location — the University District, which meant extremely tight spaces and a lot of careful coordination amongst multiple stakeholders and parties. What’s more, another apartment complex being constructed right behind the Arista Residence.


Axiom immediately realized that single-ply roofing wouldn’t work very well with overburden specified, and suggested making the switch to a Soprema SBS two-ply system, which can easily handle that level of overburden, and was a far more suitable solution for the Arista. The Soprema SBS roofing system came out to 42,900 square feet.

The Axiom team added waterproofing in the form of a traffic coating and Hydrotech hot rubber on the plaza decks and around the base building, totaling 10,000 sq ft. The Hydrotech Monolithic Membrane 6125 Waterproofing system is a thick, tough, flexible, self-healing membrane for use in waterproofing over horizontal slabs. MM6125 is a special formulation of refined asphalts and synthetic rubbers.

Axiom also added 2,000 square feet of NeoGard Peda-Gard pedestrian traffic coating and 10,000 square feet of NeoGard Auto-Gard System vehicle traffic coating in the underground parking. Auto-Gard is a single-component, solvent-based waterproofing system. It offers excellent performance properties to provide outstanding adhesion, crack bridging, and outstanding abrasion resistance.

General Contractor: Greystar
System Type: Soprema, Hydrotech Monolithic Membrane, NeoGard


Axiom successfully completed the job on time and on budget. Thanks to the Axiom Seattle commercial roofing team, the new residents of Arista Residence can now enjoy their luxury green roof and million-dollar views of Seattle. 


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