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The Axiom Division 7 offices in Puyallup consist of two buildings, one of which is a prefabricated metal building that contains offices and a fabrication shop.

The technicians inside make sheet metal flashings, trim, and accessories for roofing projects that Axiom undertakes.


The entire building, including the roof, is cladded in metal. The issue with low slope metal roofs of this type is that they’re very problematic, metal is designed for steep slope applications. In an ideal world, the building would have had a membrane roof to being with, however this is a prefab building and this type of construction method is common.

Even with the best of maintenance and care, low slope metal roofs will eventually rust and leak. It’s not a matter of “if” but “when” the leaks start to arise. The Axiom team realized that it was time for a new roof and as one of the biggest roofing companies in the Puget sound—they had their work cut out for them.

The Axiom Puyallup offices are in the direct flight path of the nearby Pierce County Airport (Thun Field). Plane passengers, pilots, and crew get a bird’s eye view of the roof on the Axiom building!


While the Axiom Division 7 team could have simply installed a new TPO membrane retrofit roof on and called it a day—they wanted to showcase their master roofing skills and at the same time provide airline pilots and passengers with something that would capture their attention.

The owners of Axiom Division 7 are very patriotic and this meant that there was only one way to approach this project—and that was to add a massive American flag alongside the Axiom Division 7 and Axiom Construction company logos. 

When the idea was floated in the planning meeting, the Axiom Leadership Team replied with a resounding: “yeah, we’re definitely doing that!”

The Roof:

GAF makes a TPO roofing membrane that comes in a standard white color. The team at Axiom placed a custom color order and GAF sent over red and blue 5’ rolls of membrane. It was then up to Team Axiom to figure out how to scale the American flag and the Axiom logo properly. Axiom actually roofed all of the colors of American flag in red, white and blue TPO.  The size of the flag is 120’x60’.   Axiom also made a custom fabricated a 4’ template out of sheet metal to cut out the 50 stars for the flag! 


General Contractor: Axiom Construction
System Type: TPO


The end result of this in-house project was a perfectly scaled American flag surrounded on either side by the Axiom Division 7 and Axiom Construction company logos. Airline pilots and their passengers are now treated to a patriotic sight as they fly over the Axiom building.


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