Kirkland Urban

Commercial   |   multi family

Kirkland Urban was a huge project that transformed an aging shopping area into a vibrant community that featured multifamily, office, mixed-use development, retail, and underground parking. 

Ryan Company was the general contractor, and they turned to Kirkland roofers Axiom Division 7 to install the commercial roofing and horizontal waterproofing systems on this immense project. 

  • YEAR 2017
  • System type TPO, Hot rubber
  • LOCATION kirkland WA
  • Axiom Seattle


This new construction commercial roofing and waterproofing job was massive, to say the least. There was over 80,000 square feet of roofing on the  three main buildings and 200,000 square feet of hot rubber waterproofing tying all three of the building together. The hot rubber waterproofing was installed over a large underground parking garage that is below the entire footprint of this massive Kirkland project.

There were several challenges on this project.  Axiom’s Kirkland roofing team was on this project for over two years.  Among the largest challenges was the inclement weather and phased scheduling. It was common for Axiom Division 7 to multiple crews onsite at the same time, with crews installing commercial roofing and hot rubber waterproofing adjacent to each other everyday.

Roofing System:

The project specifications called for a Carlisle TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) membrane roofing system. It’s one of the most popular choices for commercial roofing membranes due to its industry-leading energy efficiency, long-lasting durability, and high reflectivity.  The team at Axiom Division 7 is proud to be among Carlisle's most loyal and dedicated authorized applicators and is recognized as a Carlisle ESP (Excellence in Single Ply) contractor and a Carlisle Perfec10n (Perfect-10) contractor.  These prestigious awards are reserved for the top 5% of all Carlisle approved contractors. 

Axiom installed an American Hydrotech Monolithic Membrane 6125 system over the parking garage, elevated slabs and plaza areas.


General Contractor: Ryan Company
System Type: Carlisle TPO


Ryan Companies was so pleased with the work that Axiom performed, they asked us to come back and do multiple tenant improvement projects, including a new Lounge by TopGolf! The entire job was completed in 2019, and it turned out absolutely amazing.


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