Lake Washington Residence


General contractor March-MacDonald was tasked with building a modern luxury home on the shores of Lake Washington featuring numerous high-end amenities, including an 18-car garage and a vehicle elevator.

March-MacDonald selected Seattle roofing and waterproofing company Axiom D7 to assist with the extremely complex below-grade waterproofing system.


The job is unique in that water levels fluctuate throughout the year—peaking in late summer. Since the foundation was to extend 4 feet below the high-water level of Lake Washington, it would be submerged for part of the year.

Another challenge for Axiom was that the plans called for a grand total of 1,157 rebar and plumbing penetrations through the waterproof membrane. Neither Carlisle nor Axiom has ever seen a membrane installed in between the grade beams and the structural slab.


Axiom held discussions with structural engineers and geotechnical inspectors about how best to design the waterproofing system.  In the end, Axiom and Carlisle Coatings and Waterproofing (CCW) collaborated to design a unique system, consisting of a durable CCW Miraweld thermoplastic membrane system that fully adheres to the structural concrete, which is poured on top.

The Axiom team also performed a unique under-slab water proofing covering 8,000 square feet.

General Contractor: March McDonald
System Type: Carlisle Coatings and Waterproofing


As of Fall, 2022, the job was completed. March-MacDonald and CCW were pleased with the waterproofing solution that Axiom provided and looks forward to the completion of this beautiful luxury home.


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