Lincoln High School


The Portland Public School District needed a new high school to accommodate a growing population.

Space was at a premium, so they decided to build a 6-story, 292,000 sq ft urban high-rise in the heart of downtown Portland, Oregon.

The 250-million-dollar high school project was so large that construction called for forming a joint venture between Pacificmark Construction and Hoffman Construction.


Both general contractors chose Portland roofing company Axiom D7 to install the roof. Axiom had just opened its new Portland office, and this was to be their first project—a lot was riding upon the success of this high-profile roof install.

The biggest challenge was the size of the roof—93,600 square feet— combined with its downtown Portland location. This meant the Axiom team had to contend with massive amounts of vehicle and foot traffic as well as loading and staging from one or both jobsite tower cranes, all while performing the work in an already tight space. Further complicating this project logistically was the fact that the City of Portland only allowed 1 lane of street traffic to be shut down at any given time during construction.


The Roofing System: The project called for two separate systems. The first was a robust 42,400 square foot Soprema Colphene overburden system under of a mix of pavers, decorative rock, solar panels and a green roof.  One area of the project was covered with tongue and groove insulation and concrete panels known as a T-Clear LightGUARD Panel system.  This system is installed over the roofing membrane and provides excellent long-term protection of the roof system.

The second was 51,200 square feet of a standard exposed roofing, consisting of a white Soprema Sopralene 180 FRGR system. This standard roof system was installed in areas of the roof that were not intended to see heavy foot traffic from students, faculty or maintenance engineers.

Finally, the Axiom team installed a 100” tall PHP Platform System around each of the four rooftop mechanical units.  The platform systems were constructed onsite and allow HVAC technicians to access the large roof top units for service and maintenance.

General Contractor: Pacificmark Construction & Hoffman Construction
System Type: Soprema Colphene, Soprema Sopralene, T-Clear LightGUARD


The Axiom Portland team completed the job on time and on budget. Both general contractors were incredibly happy with the quality and speed of the work. The successful completion of this project was a great launch for the new Axiom Portland office. A lot was on the line, and the entire Portland team pulled it off without a hitch.

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