Marriott Tacoma Downtown


The City of Tacoma partnered with Yareton Investment & Management to construct a brand new, two-tower, 300-room Marriott hotel in downtown Tacoma.

It would adjoin the Greater Tacoma Trade and Convention Center.

The increased hotel rooms would allow the convention center to host larger tradeshows. Absher was chosen as General Contractor to head up this massive project to enhance the area further.

  • YEAR 2022
  • SQUARE FEET 43,500
  • LOCATION Tacoma, WA

Project Details:

Absher had worked with Axiom Division 7 on several previous projects and was very familiar with the quality of their work and their total commitment to safety. The Axiom Tacoma roofing team was brought on board early in the project's design phase to help select the ideal roofing system for this massive 43,500-square-foot job.

Axiom incorporated three different systems. Waterproofing consisted of a torch-down vapor barrier, Soprema SBS-modified bitumen, and COLPHENE® H. A Soprema all-sand traffic coating was added to the parking garage. Finally, a 2-ply SBS roof was installed. Axiom also waterproofed the 5th-floor pool.


General Contractor: Absher
System Type: Torch-down vapor barrier, Soprema SBS-modified bitumen, COLPHENE® H


Due to the sheer scope of the work, this job took to a long while complete. The building was 24 stories tall, and the Axiom team had to perform roofing and waterproofing work on the penthouse and 5th, 6th, 7th, 22nd, and 23rd floors.

Despite the multiple challenges, the Axiom Tacoma roofing crew completed the job on time and within budget. The general contractor was very pleased with Axiom's top-notch roofing work.


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