Spokane Arena


While Axiom was constructing the new roof for the Podium next door, it was discovered that the Spokane Arena’s roof had started to leak.
The city of Spokane asked us to take a look...
  • YEAR 2021
  • SQUARE FEET 162,500 sq ft
  • LOCATION Spokane, WA


The Spokane Arena is a publicly-owned building with a dynamic event schedule of football games, soccer games, and live concerts, from Journey to Shania Twain, that couldn’t be interrupted for a re-roof. The show must go on!

But the existing roof, installed in 1995, was starting to leak. Our assessment was that at the age of 25, it had reached end of life.

The Arena is a sprawling, high-profile complex located in the heart of downtown Spokane’s business district. The roof itself is a multi-level terraced design, with many smaller sections around one very large surface.


Building codes allow a structure to have two roofs, and we quickly determined that we’d be able to cover the Arena’s aging, leaky roof with an updated, weathertight one — without having to put the city through the time, expense and mess of removing the old one. This would save money and minimize our impact on the day to day business operations of the Arena.

In fact, to further accommodate a busy event schedule and minimize risk to the Arena’s busy calendar, Axiom proposed an aggressive timeline and agreed to be 100% cleaned up and out of the way for each and every scheduled event. This would ensure sports and music crowds were never inconvenienced by the project.

In the process of adding 162,500 square feet of replacement TPO roofing, we discovered that the sheet metal flashings on the side were aging badly and would need replacement. Since it’s more efficient to replace those during a re-roof, we did that as well.

All in all it was a great process, and everything went smoothly and according to plan.

General Contractor: Axiom Division 7


Axiom was able to re-roof the Spokane Arena with minimal disruption to sports and music fans, and since we were already doing a huge project across the street, we were able to save the city some money, too. Go Chiefs Go!


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